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Microsoft is urging customers not to install it’s latest version of  Windows 10 creators update.

The reason behind this? It may well damage your system.



Microsoft made the Creators Update available roughly 2 weeks ago and warned at the time it would be a slow rollout rather than everyone getting it at once. Now however, Microsoft has urged customers to stop manually downloading and installing the update, although you still can, and indeed Windows still gives you the option.

The update has already run into problems with some Broadcom devices such as WiFi and Bluetooth chips, so Microsoft stopped pushing updates to systems carrying that hardware. However there is nothing stopping folks downloading and installing the update manually. The tech giant has been focussing on updating newer systems first since that hardware is less likely to have issues. As such, only the latest systems have automatically been offered the update.

On smaller devices such as Windows tablets, hybrid tablet / laptops and some ultrabooks we have witnessed first hand another series of problems. Quite often, these devices only have small (32GB) storage. When the update is installed, the old installation is saved as windows.old during the process so that you can revert to it if needed. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough storage space for this most of the time so the result is a half installed system and a black screen. We have also seen numerous other faults such as missing drivers for cameras, sound, wifi etc after updates have been carried out. The majority of these issues can be resolved but do expect a headache.

A Microsoft bulletin by John Cable – The director of program management for Windows servicing and delivery has said “we continue to recommend (unless you’re an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issue) that you wait until the Windows 10 Creators update is automatically offered to you” That Microsoft is calling a halt to updates so soon suggests there are still a lot of bugs to be ironed out.  For once however it seems that Microsoft is at least trying fix the issue before it does a mass roll out.

Enterprise customers won’t be getting the update for months luckily but it seems that consumers and small businesses are being used as a test bed.

Nearly all machines with serious problems brought into User2 with the update issue have resulted in said systems having to be re installed with a previous version of Windows 10 or at minimum a lot of detective work to sort out the drivers.



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