Cost Vs Quality:

Here at User 2 we see many customers look for an AC adapter on a daily basis ranging from high quality multi adapters to standard original ones for laptops.

The question we get asked the most however is not about which one is better for the intended purpose but just why there are so many extremely cheap ones.

Well, our adapters range from £25 to £40 typically which is a fairly standard price. Once you factor in that we will electrically test your laptops power adapter if it is brought to us in order to confirm that is indeed the fault and not the power socket of the laptop itself, the inherent value of good customer service also becomes apparent.

Some retailers stock  £5-10 unbranded units that you can usually find online at places such as Ebay and lately also on Amazon. There is a simple reason that at User 2  we do not sell these adapters, quality. They may well work for a time just as intended but long term they more often than not break. Best case scenario they just stop working but we have on some occasions had customers come to us who have gone through a substantial amount of these cheap adapters in a short space of time. One most notable adapter that was brought to us was partially melted with the internal circuitry showing.


This obviously raises the issue of safety, not only for the laptop that is being powered by the adapter but also for the household it resides in due to the increased potential fire risk.

Here is a good example of reviews for one such £5 adapter taken from
1: “The warnings on the product are written in poor English which is the first sign of trouble. What it should say is that the adapter WILL result in poor performance of your laptop. When plugged in, you cannot use the laptop as the mouse, whether on the pad, or a separate one plugged in, for some reason doesn’t work. Explorer pages open and close by themselves. It’s just very unstable. I complained to the supplier who refused to pay for postage to return the dysfunctional one and send me a new one. They were of no help. I wouldn’t buy the product or from them again”

2: “Must copy & paste this review as very common to most of my ‘amazon’ purchases, poor quality, waste of money,, where listed as ‘genuine’ or ‘suitable’ they are not!
Not genuine!
Poor quality
Did not last!
Eventually blew my dock on laptop which proved expensive as you can imagine.
Do not buy this rubbish!
Do I need to say anymore?”


An AC Adapter with proper labeling


Many of these adapters come with little or no information as to the manufacturer of the product which is a legal safety requirement. If there was to be a problem then just who would you contact about it? With User 2 we will happily replace any faulty product that is within it’s warranty period quickly and hassle free unlike many others.

So next time you think that the £5 option looks like a great deal, just remember that as with most things you get what you pay for. Is potentially damaging your laptop really worth saving just a few pounds?

If you require an AC Adapter please feel free to visit either of our retail shops. Please note that we have a large selection of both new and refurbished original adapters in our retail shops which may not be available for purchase online.

Author: Alexander Wright

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