Tech News : Robots Now Legally Lethal

The announcement by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to allow the city’s police to use robots that can deploy “deadly force” in the fight against crime has been met with concern. What Killer Robots?  According to a San Francisco Police Department policy document, the city has essentially approved the use of 17 robots, 5 of […]

Tech News : Rising Data Management Costs Affecting Businesses

A report from Seagate has highlighted how the rising costs of storing and managing data is hitting businesses hard. One-Third Of Company Budgets  The report highlights how up to a third of company IT budgets are being eaten up by data management and storage costs at an average spend of £213,000 per year! Sleeping Giant  […]

Tech Insight : ‘Quiet Quitting’ …?

In this insight, we look at what ‘quiet quitting’ is, what its causes are, together with what could be done to prevent it. Quiet Quitting?  Quiet quitting is a term commonly associated with employment where it refers to how workers decide to only do the job they’re being paid to without taking on extra duties […]

Featured Article : What Was FTX All About?

Following news of the collapse of FTX, we look at what it was plus the events leading up to its demise and the effects going forward. FTX  FTX, until very recently, was a Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2019 which at its peak (July 2021) had more than one million users and was the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange […]

Tech Tip – Sharing In Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage system at allows you to share files and folders with other members of your team, control who has permission to just view or to edit files and folders, and work together on them at the same time. Here’s how it works: – To share files of folders using a link, […]

Tech Insight : Ultra-Accurate GPS (10 cm)

In this insight, we take a closer look at the new alternative positioning system to GPS that is accurate to within an incredible 10 centimetres. Issues With Current GPS System  Society heavily relies on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS for positioning and navigation, as well as the distribution of time and frequency reference […]

Tech News : Personalised (Printed) Pills

A Helsinki startup has developed a ‘Medicine-as-a-Service’ system where drugs can be 3D printed to exactly match the needs of the patient in terms of their size, physiology, species, plus any allergies. CurifyLabs    According to CurifyLabs, the startup that has created the system, there is one big drawback to the existing methods of administering medication. […]

Tech News : New Deadline To Remove Huawei

Following the UK government’s decision back in June 2020 to remove all Huawei Equipment From 5G Network Cores, the deadline has now been pushed back to December 2023. Why Remove Huawei Equipment?  The decision to remove the equipment in the UK dates back to the Trump era in the US, however worries about national security […]

Featured Article : AI Content Legal Challenges

Following a copyright lawsuit against an AI code generator and industry questions about who actually owns images made by AI text-to-image generators, we look at the legal issues (and others) surrounding generative AI. The Issue  The recent lawsuit and questions from coders, artists, musicians, and other creatives show that the challenge is that there is […]