Facebook Uses Scoring System To Manage Misinformation

It has been reported that Facebook allocates a trustworthiness score to some members to help it manage misinformation issues such as some members continually flagging / reporting stories as fake if they don’t agree with the content. Score? It is not publicly known exactly how the score is arrived at, but it has been reported […]

New Australian Law Gets The Thumbs-Down From Tech Firms

In Australia, a new draft Bill proposing ways for tech firms, software developers and others to assist security agencies and police has been given the thumbs-down by a major industry group over its ambiguity, and the potential security risks it could create. What Bill? The new “Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill […]

Superfast Broadband Boosts Business and Jobs

Among the findings of a recent government report about superfast broadband in the UK are claims that superfast broadband rollout so far has led to job creation and a £12.28 benefit for firms for every £1 invested by central and local authorities. Measurable Benefits The Evaluation of the Economic Impact and Public Value of the […]

Tech Tip – Display System Drives First In File Explorer

In Windows now, by default, your File Explorer opens the Quick Access screen when launched. If you’d rather go back to the old way of displaying your system drives first, here’s how: – Right-click the Quick access link on the left. – Choose Options- – Choose ‘This PC’ from the top drop-down menu.

Google Location Tracking, Even When Switched Off?

An Associated Press report has accused Google of recording the locations of its users via their mobile devices, even when they have requested not to be tracked by turning their “Location History” off. Discovered The apparent tracking without permission was discovered as part of research, when a Princeton privacy researcher noticed in his account that […]

Social Mapper Can Trace Your Face

Trustwave’s SpiderLabs has created a new penetration testing tool that uses facial recognition to trace your face through all your social media profiles, link your name to it, and identify which organisation you work for. Why? According to its (ethical) creators, Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, Social Mapper has been designed to help penetration testers (those tasked with […]

IBM Makes Test Version of New Stealth AI Malware ‘DeepLocker’

IBM has announced that it has created its own stealth, ultra-evasive AI malware called ‘DeepLocker’ that can evade all traditional cyber-security protection, hide in normal applications, and only strike when it is sure it has reached its intended target. Why? Cyber-criminals are becoming ever-more sophisticated in their methods, and the resources available to them have […]

Online “Pay-To-Watch” Now In Lead

The latest Office for National Statistics’ annual Internet Access and Use report has revealed that there has been a big rise in the number of people using commercial video streaming services. Video Streaming Popular The report shows a big jump from 29% of those watching online video-on-demand from commercial services in 2016 to 46% in […]

Tech Tip – Quickly Edit File Metadata

If you want to be able to quickly edit the metadata of any files in Windows 10 (e.g. set when photos were taken), and add tags and categories to files, it can be done in 2 easy steps. Here’s how: – In File Explorer, use the Shift+Alt+P to bring up the details pane. This shows […]