Apple Wins Trillion Dollar Company Race

The latest figures from Apple appear to show that it has beaten tech giants like Amazon in the race to become the world’s first trillion dollar company. ‘Alarmingly Healthy’ Finances It has been reported that Apple’s finance chief, Luca Maestri has described Apple’s current financial state as being “alarmingly healthy” after a net profit of […]

Amazon Pays Less Tax In UK While Profits Rise

The latest figures show that even though Amazon’s profits trebled last year, their UK tax bill has significantly reduced. How Much? Amazon’s reported pre-tax profits have jumped from £24.3m to £72.3m with the company making £1.98bn in sales revenue. Where their tax bill and contributions are concerned however, the bill is down from £7.4m a […]

Forced Unbundling of Google Apps From Android

The European Commission anti-competition ruling against Google that will force it to change its OS by unbundling the Google Play store and native apps could help other phone makers, but could also make the new ‘P’ version of Android’s OS less interesting. 90 Days To Change The EC ruling, which also imposed an eye-watering $5 […]

Google’s G Suite Will Warn Of State-Sponsored Attacks

Google has announced that it will be adding a feature to G Suite that will let businesses / organisations know if their users are being targeted by a government-backed cyber attack. What Is G Suite? G Suite is the package of cloud-based services designed to aid collaborative working, formerly known as Google Apps for Work. […]

Half of Us Will Activate Our New GDPR Rights Within A Year

The results of a new survey by analytics, business intelligence and data management firm SAS indicate that more than half of UK consumers look likely to exercise their new GDPR rights within the first year of GDPR’s introduction. GDPR The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to those who collect, store and process […]

Tech Tip – Set Preferred Folder View

If you’ve got a mix of display settings that suits your preferences and needs e.g. a certain thumbnail size, in Windows you can easily set this as the default for all folders of the same type. Here’s how: – Open the View tab on the File Explorer ribbon. – Click Options. – Click Apply to […]

10 Million Affected by Dixons Carphone Data Breach

Dixons Carphone has announced that, after a review following a hack of its customers’ data, 10 million customers rather than the original estimate of 1.2 million have actually been affected. What Happened? Back in June, Dixons Carphone announced that a hacking attempt, which had actually taken place in July 2017, had been made on one […]

Fake News Crowding Threat Outlined

UK MPs in the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMSC) have been investigating the challenges and potential threat to democracy posed by ‘fake news’ crowding out real news, and have published their findings in a “Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim Report”. Difficult To Identify & ‘Crowding Out’ Real News Tory MP Damian Collins made […]

Adults To Get Same Online Protection As Kids Says Government

The UK government has announced that, in a move to reinforce digital safety for everyone across the country, it will be expanding the scope of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) to cover the adult population too. What Is The UKCCIS? Formed in 2008, the UKCCIS is now made up of more than […]

Departing CEOs Steal Intellectual Property Says Report

A new report by Code42 that surveyed 1,634 senior company employees in the UK, US and Germany, has found that most CEOs take what they regard to be their Intellectual property (IP) with them when they leave a company. It Belongs To Me The Code42’s 2018 Data Exposure Report appears to show what amounts to […]