Why get an SSD?

As you can imagine here at User2 we do a lot of repairs, with a lot having an SSD fitted to replace old hard drives. More often than not when it comes to laptops repairs (although this can apply to PC’s too) the hard drive is the source of the problem.

Laptops can have a hard life, not being shut down properly as some just close the lid and sling it in a bag, being dropped, stood on or tripped over. We usually give most laptops a life expectancy of 3-4 years if looked after, that’s a lot less than a PC at 5+



Mechanical drive

The main reason for this is that the hard disk in them is prone to failure, much more so than a desktop PC. Think of a hard disk working much like a record player. There is a disc with all of your data on it and a small arm that rests just microns above it. Unlike a record player however if that arm ever touches the surface of the disk then serious damage is done. The cause of this is usually down to the shock of a system being dropped or having something dropped on it. There are other ways that hard drives can be damaged but this is by far the most common that we come across, so you can see how a laptop in a bag is easily prone to this.


Enter the solid state drive, or SSD. We regularly offer these as part of a repair but they can also be fitted to a lot of new systems without voiding a warranty.

Kingston 120gb SSD

We primarily stock Kingston SSD kits but there are many manufacturers and different sizes to suit all needs and budgets.

This type of hard drive has 3 main advantages over traditional mechanical drives.


1: They’re faster, MUCH faster. Since they have no moving parts an SSD can offer instant performance. This helps with everything from the speed at which your laptop or PC boots up to the speed at which it opens programs and files.

2: They’re more durable. Another benefit from not having moving parts is that there are no breakdowns cause by mechanical failure. Sure a SSD can become faulty but it’s a lot less likely (near 0% chance) to happen due to being dropped of shaken about.

3:They’re more efficient. An SSD requires a lot less power to operate than a traditional hard drive, due to this you will get a longer battery life on your laptop.


So next time you need a new hard drive in you PC or Laptop why not choose an SSD. Here at User2 we can also migrate systems from traditional mechanical drives for a small fee.


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