Tech Insight : USB4 Version 2.0

Following the announcement by the USB Promoter Group of the imminent arrival of the new USB4® Version 2.0 connectivity standard, we look at what is, and what advantages it offers. What Is USB4 Version 2.0?  USB4® Version 2.0 specification (USB4 2.0) is the name for the newest Universal Serial Bus standard, which is the plug-and-play […]

Tech News : Ofcom To Investigate Competition In Cloud Services

UK communications regulator Ofcom has announced that it will soon be launching a market study under the Enterprise Act 2002 into competition in the UK’s cloud sector and its ‘hyperscalers’. What Is The Enterprise Act 2002?  The Enterprise Act 2002, which came into force on 20 June 2003, reformed competition, and consumer law enforcement in […]

Tech News : WhatsApp Fights Iran Ban

Following a move by the Iranian government to restrict access to Meta’s WhatsApp, the company has said in a tweet that it “will do anything” within its technical ability to keep its service up and running for Iranian users. What Happened?  After protests which followed the death of a woman, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, in police custody in Tehran, […]

Sustainability In Tech : Fracking Up

With the UK’s ban on fracking for shale gas in England that has been in place since 2019 now formally lifted, we look at the technology involved and how fracking fits in with the idea of sustainability. What Is Fracking?  Fracking is the term for drilling into geologically complex layers of rock, and pumping a […]

Tech News : Nearly Half of Employees Use Risky Login Practices

A new study by 1Password has revealed that almost half of employees put their companies at risk by using risky online habits to avoid difficulties logging in and out of apps at work. Taking Risks With Company Security  The study, by passwords manager maker 1Password which surveyed 2,000 US workers, found that 44 per cent […]

Tech News : Record €4 Billion Fine For Google Upheld

Google has been given the largest ever anti-trust fine of 4.125 billion euros from the EU, following an unsuccessful appeal. What Was The Anti-Trust Issue?  The European Commission (EC) originally fined Google in 2018 for breaching its anti-trust laws by forcing Android phone-makers to install the Google search and web browser apps in order to […]

Featured Article : Queen’s Coffin Aboard Most Tracked Flight Ever

Aviation tracker website Flightradar24 has reported that the RAF plane flight carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Edinburgh to London on September 13 was the most-tracked flight ever. Tracked By 5 Million It was reported that 5 million people tracked the RAF flight, which beats the previous record of 2.9 million people who tracked the […]