Sustainability-In-Tech : All At Sea For Carbon Capture

Sustainability-In-Tech : All At Sea For Carbon Capture

With container ships being bigger greenhouse gas producers that aeroplanes, London-based company ‘Seabound’ has developed technology that reduces up to 95 per cent of CO2 emissions per ship. The Problem  The shipping industry is responsible for producing around 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually, which equates to at least 2.5 per cent of the world’s total […]

Featured Article : What’s Ahead for WhatsApp?

Following the launch of the new business-focused WhatsApp Cloud API, we take a look at where Facebook’s (i.e. Meta) popular secure chat app is heading. Cloud API  Last week, Facebook’s WhatsApp announced that it was opening WhatsApp to all businesses and developers with a new cloud-based API service. WhatsApp Cloud API, on the WhatsApp Business Platform, offers businesses […]

Tech News : New Microsoft Update Enables ‘Reactions’ In Outlook

With the next update, as part of Microsoft’s 365 roadmap, Outlook users will soon be able to ‘react’ to Outlook emails without sending or receiving incremental emails. Like Emojis  The Microsoft ‘Reactions’ feature will enable Outlook users to choose a thumbs up, laugh, heart, celebrate, or shed a tear reaction to emails. As well as applying […]

Tech News: New Spy-Spotting App From MI5

The UK government’s MI5-run ‘Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’ has launched a new app to help people spot approaches from foreign spies and organised criminals seeking sensitive information. Really? How Big Is The Problem?  According to MI5, it spotted 10,000 UK nationals across society being approached last year via fake social media profiles, […]

Tech Insight : Augmented Vision From ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses?

In this insight, we look at the development, applications, and issues relating to new ‘smart eye’ wearables such as smart glasses and contact lenses. Smart Contact Lenses  Smart contact lenses, such as those in development by health and technology company Mojo, use a tiny micro-LED display the size of a grain of sand to display […]

Tech Tip – Windows 11 : Customise Your Touchscreen Keyboard

If you have a touchscreen PC, Windows 11 gives you the option to customise the touch keyboard with different colours and themes. Here’s how: – To enable the touch keyboard in the first place, right-click the taskbar and select ‘Taskbar settings’. – Click on ‘Touch keyboard’ to turn it on. – To customise the touch […]

Tech News : WhatsApp Rolls-Out Emojis and Sharing Of Files Over 2GB

Following last month’s announcement, Meta’s WhatsApp is rolling-out emojis and the ability to share files within WhatsApp up to 2GB in size. Communities  The new features are being added as part of WhatsApp’s “vision for Communities” where the idea is to “help people have the next best thing to an in-person conversation when they want to talk to […]

Tech Insight : Ereaders? Amazon, Kobo …And The Others

In this insight, we look what ereaders are, their strengths and weaknesses, and popular makes and models. Ereaders  Ereaders / e-book readers / e-book devices are mobile electronic devices that look similar to tablets and are designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books, newspapers and magazines which the user downloads to the device. […]

Featured Article: Who Accepts CryptoCoins Now?

With its volatile past and with a recent survey showing that almost one-third of small businesses in the US now accept them as payment, we look at who accepts CryptoCoins in payment for goods and services. Cryptocurrencies  CryptoCoins / cryptocurrencies are digital/virtual currencies, secured by cryptography with no central issuing or regulating authority and don’t […]

Tech News : ICANN’T Delete Russian Domains

ICANN, the US-based non-profit organisation responsible for overseeing the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) has turned down a request by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister to revoke Russian domain names. The Request  In a published response from Göran Marby, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), he outlined what Ukraine’s […]