Sustainability : Solar-Powered Pavements Made From Waste Plastic

The Platio company in Hungary is making solar panels out of plastic waste that can be used as pavement slabs, adding an extra clean energy source to buildings and other facilities when placed outside. How? Platio uses a special pressuring method to turn 400 otherwise non-recyclable plastic bottles into very strong and durable one-square metre […]

Sustainability : UK Backs Non-Stop Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft

A concept aircraft unveiled by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) that could one day fly anywhere in the world with no carbon emissions and just one stop has been hailed as the future of aerospace and aviation by the UK Government. Carries 279 Passengers From San Francisco Non-Stop Developed by a team of aerospace and […]

Sustainability : Autonomous Electric ‘Roboats’ In Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) has announced that it is testing the world’s first fleet of driverless, battery-powered, autonomous boats on Amsterdam’s Waterways. ‘Roboat’ The tests involve battery-powered, autonomous boat prototypes, dubbed ‘Roboats.’  These prototypes are the result of three years of research, building up from 1:4 and 1:2 scale prototypes to […]

Sustainability: Most Consumers Aiming For Environmentally Friendly Christmas Due To ‘COP26 Effect’

A recently published World Wildlife Fund (WWF) poll shows that nearly two-thirds of UK adults who celebrate Christmas intend to be more environmentally with their choices this year, with one-third citing recent news about the climate and nature crisis as the reason. Driven By The ‘COP26’ Effect The results of the poll, commissioned with Opinium Research, showed […]

Sustainability : 97% Cost Reduction For Lithium Batteries

With a recent study finding that the costs of producing lithium-ion battery technologies have fallen by about 97 per cent since their commercialisation three decades ago, we look at the reasons why, and the possible implications. What Is A Lithium-Ion Battery? A lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. The lithium ions in it […]

Sustainability : Ethical Phones and Computers

In this article, we look at what ethical phones and computers are, what makes them ‘ethical’ and what contribution they could be making to helping the environment by tackling issues such as the growing e-waste mountain. Tackling E-Waste The world currently has a significant problem with electronic waste in terms of a “take, make, consume, dispose” attitude, […]