Sustainability : Hydrogen Aircraft Fuel & 2050 Net Zero

FlyZero’s and UK Aerospace Technology Institute’s (ATI) study has concluded that green liquid hydrogen powered aircraft could deliver the net-zero 2050 target for aviation. Two Technologies  The 12-month study results suggests that aviation can achieve net-zero by 2050 through the development of both sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and green liquid hydrogen technologies. What Is Green […]

Sustainability : Data Centres In Space?

A feasibility study is to be carried out into whether solar powered data centres could be put into orbit to reduce their carbon footprint. Who And What?  The European Commission has chosen Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between aerospace and defence companies Thales (67 per cent) and Leonardo (33 per cent) to lead the […]

Sustainability : Environmental Benefits of Lab-Grown Meat

With lab-grown, cultivated meat looking as though it could tackle environmental and animal welfare issues, we look at the Dutch origins of this new produce, its benefits, and how tech has played an important role in creating the product. What Is ‘Cultivated Meat’?  Cultivated meat / cultured meat is real meat, but not taken from as […]

Sustainability : Microplastic-Eating Robot Fish Takes To The Water

A prototype of an award-winning robotic fish design that fish filters water to trap microplastics has now been tested in lakes as well as the lab. Gilbert Wins  Eleanor Mackintosh’s design for the glow-in-the-dark, water-filtering ‘Robo-fish’ named “Gilbert” won the University of Surrey’s public competition, the Natural Robotics Contest, which resulted in Gilbert being turned […]

Sustainability In Tech : Environmental Ethereum?

The most popular altcoin and second-largest cryptocurrency by volume, Ethereum, has switched to a new operating model which uses 99.95 per cent less energy! The Merge  ‘The Merge,’ which the change is being called, and which finally happened on September 15, refers to the original Ethereum Mainnet merging with a separate proof-of-stake blockchain called the […]

Sustainability-In-Tech : UK’s Largest Carbon Capture Facility Opens In Cheshire

Tata Chemicals Europe has opened the UK’s largest industrial-scale carbon capture facility at its chemical plant in Cheshire to convert carbon dioxide into food and pharmaceutical-grade sodium bicarbonate. Capturing 10% Of The Carbon Dioxide Produced  The £20 million Tata Chemicals Europe carbon capture unit at its chemical plant unit in Northwich will capture more than […]

Sustainability-In-Tech : All At Sea For Carbon Capture

Sustainability-In-Tech : All At Sea For Carbon Capture

With container ships being bigger greenhouse gas producers that aeroplanes, London-based company ‘Seabound’ has developed technology that reduces up to 95 per cent of CO2 emissions per ship. The Problem  The shipping industry is responsible for producing around 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually, which equates to at least 2.5 per cent of the world’s total […]

Sustainability : Using Bubbles To Fight Plastic Pollution

Sustainability : Using Bubbles To Fight Plastic Pollution

A fast-growing Amsterdam-based start-up, The Great Bubble Barrier, as the name suggests has created a barrier that used bubbles to stop plastic waste from entering and to remove plastic from waterways. Most Plastic Travels Via Rivers And Canals  Each year, up to 80 per cent of the 8 million tons of plastic reaching the ocean […]

Sustainability : The Impact Of Lithium Mining

Sustainability : The Impact Of Lithium Mining

With our devices using lithium-ion batteries and with Electronic Vehicles (EVs) currently dependent on lithium for their rechargeable batteries we look at the environmental impact of lithium mining, and what the possible alternatives could be. Lithium  Lithium is a naturally occurring element found ionic minerals like petalite, lepidolite, and spodumene, and is a soft, silvery-white alkali […]

Switch Off Vampire Devices And Save An Average Of £147 Per Year

Sustainability : Switch Off Vampire Devices And Save An Average Of £147 Per Year

New research by British Gas (Centrica) has revealed that UK households could save an average of £147 per year on their electricity bills by switching off their ‘vampire electronics’. What Are Vampire Devices?  So-called ‘vampire devices’ are those household electronic devices, plugged into the mains, that continue to drain power when left on standby. These […]