Tech Tip – Create Simple To-Do Lists Using Google Tasks

Google Tasks (like Microsoft To-Do), which is already built into Gmail and Google Calendar offers an easy way to create simple to-do lists. Here’s how to use it: – Sign-in to Google, open Calendar, and click on the ‘Tasks’ symbol (right-hand side, blue circle with pen symbol). – Click on “Add a task”. – Add […]

Tech Tip – Checking If Links Are Safe or Spam

If you’ve ever wanted to click on a link to a website but wanted a way to check first whether its spam or worse, here are five ways to safely check: 1. Check the status of a website URL using Google’s Transparency Report, which harnesses Google’s Safe Browsing technology.  See: 2. Use URLVoid to check […]

Tech Tip – Creating Drop-down Lists in Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets and need to simplify data-entry, adding dropdown lists can really help. Here’s how to add them: – In Google Sheets, select the cell where you want the dropdown list. – Click on ‘Data’, select ‘Data Validation’, and select ‘List of items’. – In the field that loads, type the items […]

Tech Tip – How To Use Anchors (Bookmarks) In Google Docs

If you’d like to make it faster and easier to navigate between different document sections in Google Docs, here’s how to insert anchors (known as ‘bookmarks’): – In Google Docs, type the name of the document in the Title column and open your chosen document. – Put the cursor at the beginning of where you […]

Tech Tip – Exporting/Importing Google Chrome Bookmarks

If you’re switching devices or need to re-install Google Chrome from scratch but don’t want to lose your collection of bookmarks, here’s how to export and import them. Export – From Chrome’s ‘More’ menu (the three dots, top right) select ‘Bookmarks’ > ‘Bookmark manager’. – Go to the three-dot menu (top right) and select ‘Export […]

Tech Tip – Re-Open A Recently Closed Tab

Sometimes you can accidentally close an important browser tab. Here’s a fast and easy way to re-open that tab: – In Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, right click on the title bar of the browser (the part above the address field). – Select ‘Reopen closed tab’. – Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + T.

Tech Tip – Sending ‘Private’ Emails in Gmail

If you need to send an email containing private/sensitive information, you can do it in Gmail using confidential mode. Here’s how: – Open Gmail and log into your account. – In the upper-left corner of the screen, select Compose. – At the bottom of the New Message window, marked by a padlock and clock icon, […]

Tech Tip : Using Alexa As An Intercom System

If you have Amazon Echo devices in your home (or office), the ‘Drop In’ feature allows you to use Alexa as an intercom through your Echo devices. Here’s how: – Open your Alexa app. – Tap ‘Devices’ (lower-right corner). – Tap ‘Echo & Alexa’ to display a list of all of your Echo devices and […]