Tech Tip – Backing Up Your Gmail Account

If, like many people, you have a Gmail account that contains all manner of important personal and / or business emails, Gmail’s ‘Takeout’ feature provides a handy way to back them up. Here’s how to use it: – Log in to your Google and go to Gmail. – Click on the profile icon (top right) […]

Tech Tip – How To Reduce Your Phone Battery Consumption

With so many of us depending on our smartphones for many aspects of our business and personal life, and with electricity prices rising, here are some ways to reduce battery consumption and save electricity: – Use Dark Mode (for OLED screens). – Stick with 4G rather than 5G. – Reduce your screen refresh rate (via […]

Tech Tip – A Neat Way To Remove The Background From A Photo

If you need a really fast and simple way to remove the background from any photo, you may wish to try using ‘removebg’. Here’s how it works: – Go to – Click on ‘Upload An Image’ to upload the photo from your device that you would like to remove the background from. – The website […]

Tech Tip – Type Faster In Windows 11 Using ‘Voice Typing’

Windows 11 ‘voice typing’ feature uses online speech recognition so that you can enter text on your PC simply by speaking. Here’s how to use it: – Firstly, make sure you’re connected to the Internet, have a working microphone, and have your cursor in a text box. – Press Windows logo key + H on […]

Tech Tip – Setting Up ‘Gestures’ In Windows 11

Being able to use gestures on the touch screen or touchpad of your Windows 11 device can help make work faster and easier. Here’s how to set them up: Gestures that are supported by Windows 11 include tapping, scrolling, zooming, and three and four-finger-finger gestures. Here’s how to enable them on the touch screen of […]

Tech Tip – Organise Windows Using ‘Snap Groups’

Windows 11 has upgraded Snap Assist to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. You can use these features to customise the sizes of apps on the desktop, and to snap other apps into your chosen layout. Here’s how it works: – Hover the mouse over a window’s maximize button or press Win + Z. – Click […]

Tech Tip – Using Microsoft’s Floating ‘Edge Bar’

The Edge Bar is a handy floating sidebar / mini (Bing) browser that comes with the latest version of Edge in Windows and makes searching and accessing email and other platforms faster and easier. Here’s how to enable and use it: – Open Edge and click on the three dots (top right). – Select ‘Settings’. […]

Tech Tip – Adding Notes To Passwords With New Chrome Password Manager

A new feature to Chrome’s built-in password manager means that users will soon be able to store notes with their passwords. The feature, currently limited to Chrome’s latest Canary release, means that: – A “Notes” field will appear in Google Chrome’s password manager underneath the username and password fields. – The option will appear when […]

Tech Tip – Windows 11 : Realign the Start button To The Left

If you’ve started using Windows 11 and, as a long-time Windows user, you’d prefer the Start button to still be on the left rather than centred, here’s how to move it back: – Press the Windows Key + I to open the ‘Settings’ app. – Select ‘Personalisation’ and ‘Taskbar’. – Select ‘Taskbar behaviours’. – Click […]