Tech Tip – Using WhatsApp On Your PC

If you’re working at your PC and you need to access WhatsApp without having to keep looking at your phone, there’s an easy way to use WhatsApp on your PC – here’s how: – Open in a browser. – Open WhatsApp on your phone. – Open the Chats screen, select ‘Menu’, and select ‘WhatsApp Web’. – […]

Tech Tip – Automatic Back-Up

Keeping a back up of your important folders is vital and you can easily set OneDrive in Windows 10 to make automatic back-ups.  Here’s how: – On the right-hand side of the taskbar, select OneDrive > More > Settings. – On the AutoSave tab, select ‘Update Folders’ and select the folders that you’d like to […]

Tech Tip – Clipboard History

If you’d like to see the history of all the things you’ve attached to your clipboard in Windows 10 there’s a fast and easy way to do it. To see and to manage your clipboard items: – Hold down the Windows key + V.  This brings up the scrollable clipboard panel listing all the items you’ve […]

Tech Tip – Tidy & Focused

If you’d like to quickly clean up a messy desktop in Windows 10, and if you’d like to stay focused by clearing away all open apps except for the one you’re working on, here’s how: To hide desktop icons quickly: – Press and hold (or right-click) the desktop. – Select ‘View’ and ‘Show desktop icons’ […]

Tech Tip – Format Painter

If you’re preparing a Word document in Windows 10 and you like the look of the formatting in one section and you’d like a quick and easy way to apply the same formatting to other sections, try using ‘Format Painter’. You can find Format Painter on the top left of the screen – a paintbrush […]

Tech Tip – Read Without Distractions

If you need to read a web page without the distractions of adverts or unwanted recommendations, Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 provides an easy way to do this. – In Microsoft Edge (top), click on the “Reading View” icon (open book symbol). – Alternatively, type Ctrl+Shift+R.

Tech Tip – Easy Timer In Google

If you need to complete a piece of work in within a certain time, or you’ve got a call to make or meeting to go to in an hour or two, there’s an easy timer reminder (and stopwatch) already built-in to Google. To operate the timer: – Type “start a timer” into Google. – Choose […]

Tech Tip – Quickly Re-Open a Closed Tab

If you have several tabs open on your browser and you accidentally close an important tab, there is and fast and easy way to re-open it. To re-open an important tab that you’ve accidentally closed: – Press command+shift+t on a Mac or control+shift+t on Windows PC. – Your tab will then be restored.

Tech Tip – Record Your Screen (Easily)

Although the built-in Windows 10 feature ‘Game Bar’ was designed for ‘screenshotting’ games, it can actually be used by anybody as a fast and easy way to take and use a screenshot. For example: – Press Windows Key + G to open the Windows 10 game bar. – Click on the ‘Take Screenshot’ option, top […]