Use your computer to fight coronavirus/COVID-19

Recently news came out that the distributed-computing search for extraterrestrial life [email protected] project was coming to an end after 21 years. But if you like participating in distributed-computing, you can now use your computer to fight the coronavirus/COVID-19. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert. You just download and install the client […]

Google, The Law and Your ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

A businessman has won the “right to be forgotten” by Google after taking his case to the High Court, because he wanted a past crime he had committed to be removed from Google’s search engine results. What Crime? The (un-named) businessman was hoping to remove details from Google of a conviction from 10 years ago, […]

Wearable Tech Could Help Solve Murder

Police in Australia are reported to be using data recorded by a murder victim’s Apple smartwatch to help catch her killer. Murder The victim and owner of the smartwatch was Grandmother Myrna Nilsson, who was found dead in the laundry of her Valley View home in Adelaide’s north-east in September 2016. The prime suspect in […]

Apple Hires Google’s AI Chief To Help Boost Siri

In a bid to develop Siri and catch up with competitors in the digital assistant battle, Apple has hired Google’s top AI man, John Giannandrea. Falling Behind The battle to dominate the digital assistant market has been going on for some time now, but industry commentators have noted that Apple’s Siri, which was first introduced […]