Dropped, stood on, had coffee/tea spilled, there are many ways to kill your electronics, this is where insurance often comes in handy.

Insurance work with User2 Computers

Here at User2 we have seen thousands over the years from laptops that have been in a car fire to mobile phones dropped into a pint of beer on a night out. Often we can repair devices that are seemingly beyond salvage, but should the time come for your electronics to be consigned to the scrap pile we can provide insurance reports where needed.

Each insurance company is different but on the whole the initial process is generally the same.

Firstly contact the insurance company, often they will ask you to have the item in question checked over by a specialist to asses the cost of repair Vs the cost of replacement. Some will say that you cannot choose which company does this for you, like car insurance however it’s entirely up to you who does the work and this extends to repairs also.  On occasion we do repairs for customers who explain that they will be claiming the cost back on their policy, while this may be the case we always advise to contact the insurers before any work is undertaken.


At User 2 we can provide a full breakdown of all damaged parts, cost to replace them, valuations, and where a spillage is involved also asses the likelihood of corrosion in the future. Should your insurer decide that a repair is the route to take then we can carry out all manner of repairs from screen replacements on laptops/mobiles to data recovery on hard disks. Because we have been doing these kinds of repairs for so many years we can often give a good account of how any damage to your devices may have happened also. Often this can be essential for an insurer as they need to confirm that any damage has been caused within the confines of the policy. We are also happy to talk directly to insurers and discuss any work that has been or needs to be done as well as providing insurance letters.

If you are having any insurance work done, from valuations to full repairs we provide this service for a nominal fee which is refundable if  the insurance company then use ourselves.





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