Should you repair, upgrade or replace your laptop/PC?It can often be a hard decision but it does not have to be.

Although it may be time to browse some reviews or go shopping don’t consign that laptop or PC to the bin just yet. With a little money and a bit of know how (or help from User2 !) you can give your system a few more months of working life or even extend it for a few years.

Should I upgrade?

If you have ran out of storage space or are enduring poor performance then often this can be solved by increasing the amount of RAM the system has or replacing the hard drive with a larger one. Or an SSD if you want a super speed boost

Upgrading your ram can cost from as little as £30 depending on the type of memory and amount of it that you need. Typically we see systems that are running windows with less than 4gb get a significant boost when upgraded to 4 or even 8gb. To give you an idea every machine well sell at User2 will have at least 4gb ram these days, except some specialized systems.

But what if your sluggish system is running slowly due to a fault? Well with a combined experience of over 50 years between our engineers at User2 we can repair just about anything.

Should I repair?

Miniature technicians working on a computer circuit board or motherboard. Tech support concept.

Generally speaking if a system is under 3-4 years old then a repair is usually worthwhile. We often see systems where doing a repair is also a great time for an upgrade too.

Faulty hard drive? Why not get a larger one or an SSD?

Faulty Ram?  Why replace it with one the same size when the price difference is usually very little for the next size up.

If the system has been doing everything you want it to up till it had a fault then a repair is the way to go. It’s rare that a new system will be less.

Should I replace?

As always with IT equipment at some point it will need to be replaced, either due to age or not being cost effective to repair. So how do you make the decision?

User2 recommend that if the cost of a repair is only 25% or less than a new system then you may as well get the benefit of a new system. Not only will you get a warranty on the entire machine and not just any part that has been replaced such as with a repair, but it will also be an upgrade.

Sometimes if a system is replaced we can even use parts from the old one, after all a lot of them are generic. Parts such as CD/DVD drives, the computers case etc.

Transferring data and setting up a new PC/Laptop is a straightforward job and something that we do on an almost daily basis, there is no need to worry about loosing anything.


If you are still unsure about what to do why not speak to one of our engineers in store or by phone.

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