Hosted email

Traditionally, larger organizations may have had their own Exchange Server for email distribution. The hardware overhead required for a new Exchange Server is outwith the budget of many smaller companies and also largely unnecessary these days. Migration from a traditional SBS Server with Microsoft Exchange to a fully hosted 3rd party solution provides all the […]


Whether for home, small business, charity, education or enterprise, Office 365 has a fully integrated office package to suit. Traditional MS Office required significant capital outlay. Additionally it quickly became out of date and even presented security flaws. When systems needed to be re-installed, there was also the question of “where are those disks and […]

Cloud Data Back Up

Typically servers and NAS (Network Accessible Storage) devices will have multiple internal drives as part of a RAID array. This is the first line of your companies defense. Traditionally, back up would have been on tapes – swapped on a daily basis, and more recently on external back up drives. We would always recommend multiple […]