Whether for home, small business, charity, education or enterprise, Office 365 has a fully integrated office package to suit. Traditional MS Office required significant capital outlay. Additionally it quickly became out of date and even presented security flaws. When systems needed to be re-installed, there was also the question of “where are those disks and licences ?”

Office 365 ensures your organization always has the most up to date software. As your workforce grows (or contractst) scaleability means the license plan can be adapted to suit. As the modern business runs on many different devices, often outwith the office, Office 365 synchronises your emails and calendars and can allow you to share up to date company data online with cloud storage. Devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablets, Macs and smartphones can all benefit from Office 365 with each user license covering up to 5 devices. This offers a great value way for collaboration within your company at an affordable monthly cost.

For those who have already purchased a recent version of Microsoft Office outright and want to save ongoing software rental costs, why not opt for the hosted email service only.

Charities and education can also benefit from discounts. Speak to our advisors who can put you on the right track to discounted software

User2 can make the choice of upgrading to Office 365 easy and also fully undertake the migration from your existing Office and email package.

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