Cloud Data Back Up

Typically servers and NAS (Network Accessible Storage) devices will have multiple internal drives as part of a RAID array. This is the first line of your companies defense. Traditionally, back up would have been on tapes – swapped on a daily basis, and more recently on external back up drives. We would always recommend multiple external drives to be rotated on a daily (or weekly) basis depending on what you are comfortable with. Bear in mind however that ransomware or other virus infections can crawl onto any device linked onto your network. This includes external hard drives and USB sticks. That back up you were relying on may well end up encrypted or infected.

Human nature means that we can sometimes forget to rotate drives and take copies offsite for safekeeping. It is therefore crucial that critical files are also backed up automatically on a daily basis. The most efficient way to do this is via a cloud based backup solution. The folders, amount of data, and the length of archiving is entirely your choice. The back up software we install will do the rest and we can provide a support package to give you peace of mind that your data stays safe

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