Hosted email

Traditionally, larger organizations may have had their own Exchange Server for email distribution. The hardware overhead required for a new Exchange Server is outwith the budget of many smaller companies and also largely unnecessary these days. Migration from a traditional SBS Server with Microsoft Exchange to a fully hosted 3rd party solution provides all the benefits without the capital outlay. There are also a number of advantages to a cloud based solution. The near 24/7 up time and support offered by cloud email services means that you are not dependent on your own IT staff or hardware. The redundancy offered by cloud data centres also means that you are not reliant on a single point failure. Finally, security, both physical and in terms of internet threats is greatly improved.

Smaller organisations may have basic email provision through their internet service provider but rarely with the benefits that hosted email can provide. The advantages that a cloud exchange solution brings can help you to grow your business without a huge capital overhead. Scalability means you can add new email addresses easily as your work force grows

Hosted email can be provided as part of Office 365 service with all the standard Microsoft Office applications or as a stand alone email service. User2 can assist with both routes

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