Custom Build PC Service

Whether you need a custom build PC for home, gaming PC, or a business computer built for a specific task, User2 can deliver. With over 20 years experience designing specialist PCs for video, audio, graphics design and business, you can be assured of a quality system. We have a large network of partners and suppliers allowing us to source anything that may be required to fulfill your requirements.

Your Choice of Custom Built PC :

  • Gaming PCs - RGB gaming computers built to your specification or budget with top name parts.
  • Video, audio editing and CAD - 3D design and video editing software can be very demanding. Therefore one of our high end workstations are likely to fit the bill.
  • Industrial PCs - Some applications require legacy ports or perhaps a specific micro case format. We build computers for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications to suit specific needs.
  • Business Computers - Built with selected parts from top name manufacturers to assure reliability.
  • Budget PCs - When looking for an entry level PC on a tight budget, we have options to match.
  • Self Built PCs - If you want to purchase your own parts but prefer it to be professionally assembled, you can be assured of the end result.
  • NAS and Servers - See our Servers and NAS section on what we can do for your company.
  • Media Servers - Mini PCs to sit centrally on your network for audio, video and file archiving.

Computer Components To Consider:

  • CPU - Are you looking for maximum processing speed or a PC that will be low on power usage?
  • Storage - Do you need super speed (SSD) or large amounts of storage space (HDD), why not both?
  • Ram - Memory is not only for gaming but also essential for productivity and helps to keep things running with multiple tabs or programs open at one time.
  • Motherboard - We recommend features such as USB C, PCIe NVMe support, and the option to overclock your CPU. Alternatively you may still be looking for legacy ports such as serial.
  • Cooling - Standard cooling will keep things running but what if you need silence or have to deal with extra heat? We can suggest the ideal solution.
  • Case - Something small to fit in a specific location or with enough room to add parts later and provide escellent cooling.
  • Graphics card - Gaming, video editing or design work, what are you going to use the PC for ?
  • PSU - Essential to get a power supply with enough wattage for the task and that will cope with future upgrades ?
  • Screen - A good screen can reduce eye strain and improve productivity with a larger space to work.

The guidelines above are just some of the points to consider when creating a custom build PC. The next step is to fill in the contact form or speak to one of our experienced members of staff. As a Which Trusted Trader you can be assured of the best possible advice and service.

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