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Choosing a system for games just became that much harder.

Microsoft has just announced Direct X 12 at this year’s GDC.

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Currently supporting Direct X 12 is:

Nvidia: Any card currently running Direct X 11 will support Direct X 12

AMD: Any card built using GCN architecture will support DX 12, that’s where things get  messy…..

Up to and including 76XX cards do NOT support it, 77XX and 79XX DO support it. That’s thanks to AMD re-launching old GPU’s as re-branded lower end new models (Nvidia do too of course but they tend to use the same architecture across a product line generation). So for AMD rule of thumb is that if it’s in the top 2 tiers of any generation after 7xxx series Generally you will be ok but best to check.


Main benefit of DX 12 over 11 : Multi-threaded CPU performance is increased by 50%

dx 12 chart

Basically quad core gaming is going to slowly become more main stream as most CPU’s (even quads) currently use most of the workload on core 0 for games. So after the last few years of Intel being the go to choice for gaming due to higher per thread performance it may well be that in the future AMD gets more of the market due to cheaper multi core CPU’s.


Estimated time frame for games supporting Direct X 12  according to an Microsoft spokesperson : Fall 2015


Lastly ZDnet has confirmed that Microsoft is aware for requests of Direct X on Windows 7 but has yet to commit to delivering it on the platform.

This may be due to the rumour roll out of Windows 9 in 2015 or simply because they want to push sales of 8.1 but it would not be the 1st time a Windows system has had to have a new operating system in order to take advantage of a newer version of Direct X. One thing to note is that the new logo is in the Windows 8 style however.


Lastly Direct X12 will also be supported on the new Xbox One console. However before your mind is made up to buy that system over the PlayStation 4 , both systems have GPU’s developed by AMD and AMD has had heavy input on the development of Direct X12. Also with the Mantle API gaining ground most smart games developers would more likely use that and have good performance on both systems.


If you are thinking of buying a gaming system then here at User2 we will do our utmost to future proof that system for Direct X 12 buy only recommending parts which support it.

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