Office Equipment Clearances


When you upgrade your PC’s directly with User2, we will collect and secure data wipe your old equipment free of change. We understand that many organisations have alternative hardware suppliers which is why we have a service specifically for office equipment clearance.

Esentially we are interested in PC and laptop uplift from small businesses to the largest organsiations. We will however also uplift servers, printers and network devices as part of a larger batch of equipment.

Once back at our workshops, we record all serial numbers and carry of a full data eradication procedure to US military standards. Certification will be provided for each machine for your own records and peace of mind that data has been completely destroyed.

Prices are very competitive for office equipment clearances and in some cases, where PC’s or laptops are of suitable specifications, will be collected locally free of charge.

As well as uplifting IT hardware that is obsolete or surplus to requiremnent, we also handle equipment through liquidators where there is still the necessary duty of care for data protection.

Please call or fill in the contact form with your office equipment clearance requirement however large or small.

Email: or Telephone (0131) 662 9955.

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