Server Installation

Server Installation

User2 computers are small to medium business speciallists. Our Microsoft and Cisco certified systems engineers have the experience required for your server installation and We handle all the following kinds of work:-

• Migration from an older server (ie Server 2003) to new hardware with up to date server operating system
• Small Business Servers
• SQL servers
• Exchange servers
• File servers and NAS boxes
• Home and Media servers
• Linux Servers

The initial step would be to carry out a detailed site survey and discussion to assess the appropriate solution for your requirement and budget. We would also inspect the wider network as a whole as to suitability. It could well be that you would benefit from an overall system upgrade including network cabling and hardware, firewalls, PC’s, laptops or printers.

The servers we propose are scalable, have hardware redundancy such as hardware RAID configuration, reduntant power supply if budget allows, data back up solution, anti virus and UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply). We may suggest a full Exchange Server for your email provision or Microsoft Server Essentials coupled with a hosted cloud email exchange service. Once you have looked over the various options and decided on the package right for you, We are able to provide all services to encompass the network, PC and server installation package.

Because the initial outlay to upgrade your server and IT infrastructure may put you off from making the step at the right time, we can offer finance packages for a 3 year leasing plan. In this way, you may be looking at a hardware cost of less than £ 100 per month plus installation costs. This could well be the most cost effective way to improve your office efficiency and productivity.

Primarily we use HP Proliant servers due to their exceptional reliability but we also install Dell, Fujitsu and IBM server hardware on request. Where required, we also have a custom build service for the more unusual requirement.

Once installed, we generally recommend a 3 year onsite hardware warranty through the manufacturuer coupled with a User2 Support Contract to ensure that your serevr is kept up to date with the necessary service packs and software updates.

Please email, call or fill in our contact form and one of our senior support staff will be pleased to answer any questions and arrange a no obligation site survey and chat.

Email: or Telephone (0131) 662 9955.

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