iPad Repairs

A cracked screen or faulty power socket? These are just some of the iPad repairs we carry out in store. Whether you have a legacy iPad 1 or more recent model, it's likely that we will be able to repair it. As a Which? trusted Trader, you'll know that you can be confident in our service. In addition, any tablet beyond economic repair is on a no fix no fee basis unless for a liquid spillage, for which a small minimum charge applies. Choosing a service center for your repair can be frustrating. With over 20 years experience in IT repairs, our service centers will provide a reliable job at a sensible price. Before you start looking for a solution, it pays to know a little about common repairs.  Have a look below or click here to find out more.

Common iPad repairs:

  • iPad screen replacement - Whether dropped or sat on, it leads to the most common of all iPad repairs
  • Faulty home button - Whether you have a sticky or non responsive home button, we are here to help.
  • Liquid damage - A liquid spillage may not kill your device. It is however something that must have urgent attention, starting with a thorough clean in an ultrasonic bath
  • Broken charging port- If not recognizing the charging cable then then your iPad might need a socket repair or replacement. Initially though, we'll try a new cable while you wait.
  • Battery replacement - This may start off with reduced battery life or just simply not being able to charge at all. A battery will require a workshop strip down in order to fit a new one
  • Software fault - If the display just shows an apple logo or it cant fully load up, then software corruption can be resolved in the workshop.



                 iPad repairs

Because they are small and light, just bring your iPad into one of our stores for assessment. Alternatively, you could fill in the contact form or speak to one of our experienced technicians. As a Which? Trusted Trader you can be assured of receiving the best possible care for your service.

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