Laptop Repairs

If your laptop starts to misbehave it can be frustrating. But here at User2, laptop repairs need not take long at all. It could be that the machine is taking an age to boot, overheating, packed with virus infections or it's in need of a new laptop screen. Choosing a workshop to carry out your laptop servicing can be confusing. Because there are countless options around the UK, it's tough to know who you can trust for a reliable job at a reasonable price. Before you start looking for a solution, it pays to know a little bit about common problems.  If you want to know more before giving us a call, have a look below or click here to find out more about it.

Common laptop repairs :

  • Laptop Screen Repairs - We can replace your broken one with a new or refurbished LCD or LED. Occasionally a flickering or black dimmed display is caused by a faulty ribbon cable.
  • Failing or faulty hard drives - If your laptop runs incredibly slow, or if you hear grinding/ticking noises, you probably have a faulty hard drive.
  • Liquid damage - A spillage on your laptop may not result in an instant fault. Liquid damage is something that must have urgent attention though.  Remember not to try to turn on your laptop.
  • Keyboard - Worn down keys, sticky keys or a non responsive keyboard. It's time for a replacement keyboard.
  • Broken DC or Power Socket - If the charger's cable is loose in the socket or it's losing power intermittently then your laptop might need a socket repair or replacement.
  • Battery - Get your brand new battery next day and order a standard or extended life model.
  • Virus removal - Fake pop ups, unwanted software and dodgy registry values can all cause an unresponsive laptop or even worse - data loss.
  • Software issues - OS corruption, the dreaded "blue screen of death", missing drivers and email problems are all issues that we can resolve.
  • Faulty Hinges - Hinges are often a weak point of many laptops. The plastics can break and the whole screen can give way, but we can repair most damage economically.



                    Laptop repairs

The type of repair your laptop needs may now be clear. The next step is to fill in the contact form or speak to one of our experienced technicians. As a Which? Trusted Trader you can be assured of receiving the best possible service.

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