Laptop Upgrades

Is your laptop slow and clunky? Have you run out of storage space or require more memory to help speed things up? Perhaps a solid state drive to supercharge your system is required. Unlike a PC there are not as many laptop upgrades you can do, but in User2 we can help you get every last ounce of power from your system.

Common laptop upgrades:

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) - Consider a larger capacity HDD for more storage space or add an extra drive where possible. Especially handy for storing all those downloads or essential data backups
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) - Upgrading to a solid state drive from a regular HDD has an immense effect on the speed of any laptop. Although more expensive, they are on average 10x faster than a standard drive. Ideally, have an SSD for the operating system, plus a standard large capacity HDD for data storage
  • Memory (RAM) - Additional RAM can help unlock the potential of your PC. While the recommended minimum these days is 4gb, upgrading to 8gb or more can give your laptop that extra oomph you’ve been looking for.  If you want to have more browser tabs and applications open at once, more RAM is what you need.
  • Graphics Card - Although less common than a PC, some laptops can have the graphics card replaced. User2 specializes in graphics upgrades so you can play the latest games.
  • Cooling - Some laptops have a habit of reaching their maximum temperature and slowing down to compensate. Often this is due to the cooling system being clogged or needing new thermal paste.




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Is your laptop running slow? As a consequence, are you thinking of buying a new model? First of all why not give User2 a call. Initially, we will advise whether it would make good sense to upgrade your existing model and give you several proposals. Finally, if your old laptop should simply be retired, why not browse to our new laptop page where you can purchase the latest specification.

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