Network cabling and WiFi

User2 have been providing network cabling and WiFi installation and fault finding to both business and home users for many years. With a comprehensive knowledge of both business and home solutions, we have the experience required to avoid common pit falls.

Network and WiFi Services:

  • FREE - Free on site estimates and quotes for larger networking jobs such as wireless connectivity across multiple floors, or voice / data network cabling runs.
  • WiFi Coverage - Installation and set up of full WiFi coverage using access points for large areas, such as office spaces, multiple rooms or hotels.
  • Home networks - Setup of home networks including cabling and WiFi for Sonos™ systems, plus home platforms such as file shares and backups.
  • Fault Finding- We are able to fully diagnose network issues, including but not limited to; faulty wiring, switches and hubs, as well as routers. We also troubleshoot firewall setups.
  • VOIP  - Provisioning and setup of full VOIP systems for businesses large and small.
  • Cabling- Cat 5e and 6e cable installation as well as fiber optic (Fiber via our partners).
  • NAS - Network attached storage for backup and data sharing among multiple users.
  • IP Cameras - IP camera installation and setup for increased security and off-site viewing

Network and WiFi

Networking may seem daunting, not only with the complexity involved for installation, but general setup and security. User2 are here to help. Our experienced engineers can not only install and configure your network for you, but also talk you through each stage with easy to understand explanations. Why not contact us today for a free no obligation estimate?

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