PC Repairs in Edinburgh

PC repairs are almost inevitable at some point but also an opportunity to get your computer up to speed. Your PC is a business filing cabinet, home theatre, photo archive, record collection and work space all in one. Consequently, many people name their PC as the one item they would grab in the event of a fire! It is this importance that makes it especially frustrating when a component fault stops you from using it to its full capabilities. If you need a PC repair service in Edinburgh, then give us a call, send an email, or drop into one of our computer shops in South Clerk Street and Inverleith Row.

PC Hardware Faults, Virus Removal, Power Supply Issues & More

Here at User2 Computers, we have decades of fixing all kind of PC problems from hardware faults to virus detection and removal, power supply issues, overheating PCs or just providing computer support. Our experienced technicians and engineers are here to help you solve your PC problems.

Common PC repair services we offer include:

  • Failed or failing hard drive - If your PC runs incredibly slow, or if you hear grinding/ticking noises, you probably have a failing hard drive (HDD).
  • Hardware problems - Motherboard errors, graphics corruption due to overheating, "blue screen of death” caused by faulty RAM are all dealt with on a daily basis.
  • Power Supply - If your PC went made a loud popping noise, is switching itself off and on or has no signs of life? Probably means you have a faulty or blown PSU.
  • Virus removal - Unwanted software, tool bars and dodgy registry values can all lead to an unresponsive PC or, even worse, data loss.
  • Software issues - Operating system corruption, registry error or missing drivers are all fixed by our engineers.
  • Overheating - A fur coat may be nice in winter, but not for a PC. Internal components clogged with dust and grime are a common form of component failure.



PC repairs

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Now that you know some common PC problems, you can probably guess which ones are causing your computer to misbehave.  Whether you have a faulty hard drive, blown PSU or operating system issue it's time to take action. So give User2 a call. To begin with, we will provide a consultation over the phone. Once in store, a no fix no fee assessment will be given along with your options for the best way forward. Don’t settle for a slow, unreliable PC – call User2 today for fast, affordable personal computer support. The Edinburgh PC repairs specialist.

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