Sustainability : IT Industry’s Sustainability Action-Gap

A report by datacentre energy management company Schneider Electric has highlighted a sustainability action gap between the statements of intent and actions of IT companies. The Research  The research for the report, carried out with Forrester and 451 Research, collected data from 3,000 global cloud and IT businesses, and comments about the IT industry’s lack […]

Tech News : Russia Cautions Cyber Attacks May Start Military Confrontation

The growing number of cyber-attacks since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine have led The Russian Foreign Ministry to warn that more western cyber-attacks on its infrastructure could lead to a direct military confrontation. Housing Ministry Website Hack  The warning followed an apparent cyber-attack on the Russian housing ministry website which led to a […]

Tech News : UK Not Adopting EU’s Universal Charger

Following the recent news that the EU plans to introduce a single, universal charger for all devices, it has been reported that the UK has said that it is not currently considering copying the idea. Just One Universal Charger Cable A week ago, the EU parliament announced that by autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become […]

Tech Insight: What Is Shopify?

In this insight, we take a look at Shopify, what it offers, and how it has grown to become a major e-commerce platform. Where And Who?  The Canadian-based Shopify Inc. is a multinational e-commerce company founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake after they tried to set up an online store for snowboarding […]

Featured Article : What Happened Recently With The ICO?

Following news of a Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosure revealing a lack of public reprimands issued over GDPR breaches in the public sector, we take a closer look at the FOI, what it can be used for, and how it’s linked to the ICO. What Is The Freedom of Information Act?  The Freedom of Information […]

Tech Tip – Identify Objects In Photos Using Google Lens

If you have the Google Photos app, you can use ‘Google Lens’ to identify a picture and show search results about the objects featured in a photo, e.g. an animal, a plant, or a building you took a photo of on holiday. Here’s how it works: – Open the Google Photos App. – Open one […]

Sustainability-In-Tech : 1st U.S. Moratorium On Crypto-Mining Passed

New York state lawmakers have passed a two-year ban on energy-hungry proof-of-work crypto mining that uses carbon-based fossil fuel power plants. Energy-Hungry Crypto-Mining One of the big environmental challenges of cryptocurrency mining is that it requires a large amount of power. For example, Bitcoin “mining” uses specialised Bitcoin computers that are constantly powered on and […]

Tech News : Google Offers Job Interview ‘Warmup’ Tool

The new AI-based interview Warmup tool from Google uses questions from a series of industry experts to help users prepare for job interviews. Tech Jobs And Skills Gap  Googe says that this news Interview Warmup tool was developed as part of its own Google Career Certificates programme which offers professional-level online training. The programme was […]

Tech News : Free Translation Via Firefox – Even Offline

The new, free Firefox Translations browser extension translates websites in the browser without using the cloud, using machine learning. Client-Side Translations  Firefox Translations provides automated translation of web content but, unlike cloud-based alternatives, the translation is done locally, on the client-side, so that the text being translated does not leave the user’s machine. With Firefox […]

Tech Insight: What Is A Blockchain Domain?

In this tech-insight, we look at what a blockchain domain is, what it is used for, how to buy one, and what may bring them more into mainstream usage. What Is Blockchain? Blockchain is an incorruptible peer-to-peer network (a kind of ledger) that allows multiple parties to transfer value in a secure and transparent way. […]