Tech News : Fewer Victims Pay Ransomware, Yet More Victims

Blockchain data platform Chainanalysis has reported that cybercriminals have seen a 40 per cent fall in their earnings as more people have refused to pay the ransom following ransomware attacks. More Strains With Shorter Lifespans However, the number of unique ransomware strains being used in attacks increased dramatically in 2022 (Fortinet). Also, Chainanalysis reports that […]

Tech News : Self-Driving Buses Now On UK Roads

22 passengers experienced the UK’s first full-size autonomous bus for the first time as part of a testing process by Stagecoach, the UK’s largest bus and coach operator. Trial Over The Forth Bridge  The ground-breaking trial of a full-size autonomous single-decker bus, carrying a mixture of invited members of the Co-Design Panel, volunteers helping Stagecoach […]

Tech Insight : What Is ‘Job Boomeranging’?

Here we look at the trend of ‘job boomeranging’, the reasons why the trend occurred, and why businesses may choose to re-hire boomerangers. What Is It?  Job boomeranging refers to when an employee leaves a company and then returns to work for the same company at a later date. How Has It Come About?  The […]

Sustainability-in-Tech : Nuclear-Powered Data Centre

Cumulus Data has announced the completion of key milestone in the construction of Phase 1 of its 475-megawatt zero-carbon “Susquehanna” data centre that’s directly connected to 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power stations. First Phase –Shell Ready For Lease  The company, a subsidiary of Talen Energy, says that the construction of the powered shell for its first 48-megawatt, […]

Tech Tip – Helpful Hyphens

You can use a hyphen after a search term to exclude words that you don’t want Google to search for. For example, the search may be for a mustang horse rather than a mustang car. Here’s how it works: – In the Google search box type mustang –car to exclude any references to cars. Note […]

Tech Insight : Questions To Ask An IT Support Company

This second part of ‘Why Use Outsourced IT Support?’ focuses on what kind of questions to ask when looking for your ideal outsourced IT support company. 10 Important Questions  Here, we’ll focus on 10 important questions (although you may have others) and the reasons why you may want to ask them. 1. What specific services […]

Featured Article : Fined For ‘Time Theft’

Following a recent case where a remote worker was fined for ‘time theft’, we look at what it is, the legal and ethical aspects, and how it relates to employee monitoring software. What Is Time Theft?  ‘Time theft’ refers to any instance in which an employee is paid for time they did not actually work. […]

Tech News : Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

A new AI feature for Nvidia’s Broadcast client will overlay your eyes with some deepfake ones which are always looking at the camera. Eye Contact Feature  The ‘Eye Contact’ feature has been designed to make users/content creators look more engaged while video conferencing or during a live stream. The feature may make it easier for […]

Tech News : Smart Products Have Just 2 Years Of Life

Consumer champion Which? says that high-end smart products may lose features and functionality, or become a hacking risk, after as little as two years because manufacturers may stop tech updates. Stopping The Smart Updates Limits Lifespan  Which? says it discovered the risk after analysing smart appliances in six key household product areas – washing machines, […]