Half of UK Manufacturers Hit By Cyber Attacks

A new report published by manufacturers’ organisation EEF in partnership with insurance firm AIG and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) shows that 48% of UK manufacturers have been subject to a cyber-security incident at some time. Loss and Disruption Half of those manufacturing companies who admit to being hit by cyber-criminals have said that […]

New Google ‘Chat’ SMS Message Replacement Rollout Begins

Google has begun the rollout of ‘Chat’, the messaging service that, it is hoped, will replace SMS text messages on Android phones, and bring it into the same ballpark as WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. What’s The Problem? The SMS messaging system for Android phones has suffered over many years from being simply a succession of […]

Tech Tip – Send Different File Types With WhatsApp

These days, many of us use the WhatsApp messaging service as part of our business communications. Thanks to functionality introduced last year, you can now send multiple file types e.g. APK’s, Zip and RAR files using WhatsApp. Here’s how: – Open your WhatsApp chat thread and tap the Attachment icon. – Tap on Document from […]

Russia Suspected of Hacking Campaign

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security have warned that Russia may be behind a broad hacking offensive targeting millions of machines that direct data around the net. Networking Equipment Targeted US and UK security agencies have issued a joint internet security alert warning and have […]

UK Launched Major Cyber Attack Against ISIS

GCHQ’s new director has revealed that last year, the UK has conducted a large-scale cyber-attack against ISIS that was designed to suppress online terrorist propaganda and hinder ISIS’s ability to coordinate attacks. Growing For A Decade Confirmation that the attack took place came as part of the first public speech by GCHQ’s new director and […]

Phishing Attack Simulator: Microsoft Goodies

Microsoft has announced a set of business security tools, including a phishing attack simulator, that make it easier and more affordable for businesses to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they become an issue. Attack Simulator One of the key tools announced to coincide with the annual RSA conference in San Francisco, is the Attack Simulator. […]

Facebook … Face Recognition Woes

Facebook is in the news yet again, this time for having to face a class action lawsuit for allegedly gathering biometric information without users’ explicit consent, via facial recognition technology. What Facial Recognition Technology? A facial recognition technology feature in Facebook’s platform suggests who might be present in uploaded photos, based on an existing database […]

Google, The Law and Your ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

A businessman has won the “right to be forgotten” by Google after taking his case to the High Court, because he wanted a past crime he had committed to be removed from Google’s search engine results. What Crime? The (un-named) businessman was hoping to remove details from Google of a conviction from 10 years ago, […]

Tech Tip – Emails : ‘Undo Send’ … !

If you use a Gmail account, and if you’ve ever sent an email and then experienced the terror of immediately wishing that you hadn’t, you could find the ‘Undo Send’ feature very useful. The Undo feature allows you to set a buffer / cancellation time period between the time that you hit the send button […]

Facebook Notifies People Affected By Scandal

Facebook has begun notifying any of those users whose data is known to have been harvested and shared with data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. On Your News Feed If you are one of the 87 million people whose data has been shared, 1 million of whom are in the UK, when you log into your […]