Apple Claims 100% Renewable Energy At All Data Centres

The latest energy report from Apple has stated that the company has hit a new milestone in green energy usage by making all of its 43 data centre sites across the world operate using 100% renewable energy. Not Quite What It Seems Although the effort is admirable, the claim that has led Apple’s CEO Tim […]

Digital Number Plates

Dubai is once again in the news for being an adopter of new technologies after an announcement that it will be hosting a trial of digital vehicle number plates next month. Smart Plates The ‘smart plates’ will have digital screens, GPS and transmitters, and according to the head of the Vehicle Licensing Department at Dubai’s […]

1 In 10 Fooled By Social Engineering Attacks

A new report by security firm Positive Technologies shows that 1 in 10 employees would fall for a social engineering attack. What Is A Social Engineering Attack? Social engineering cyber-attacks rely upon the element of human error e.g. convincing / fooling a person into downloading malicious files, unwittingly corresponding with cyber-criminals, sharing contact information about […]

Killer Bot Boycott

Reports that the state-run university-based ‘Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’ (KAIST) has been working on military robot research with defence company Hanwa have resulted in threats of a boycott by more than 50 AI researchers from 30 countries. Killer Robots? Although the threat of the boycott of KAIST appears to have been effective […]

Tech Tip – Identify Objects In Your Phone Photos With Google Lens

If you’d like a handy way to search your photos and identify important buildings / landmarks, places, names, Wi-Fi passwords and other valuable contextual information depicted in them, Google Lens may be for you. For example, take a photo of a router’s password sticker and you’ll automatically connect to that network, take a picture of […]

Wearable Tech Could Help Solve Murder

Police in Australia are reported to be using data recorded by a murder victim’s Apple smartwatch to help catch her killer. Murder The victim and owner of the smartwatch was Grandmother Myrna Nilsson, who was found dead in the laundry of her Valley View home in Adelaide’s north-east in September 2016. The prime suspect in […]

Half Of Households Have Broadband Problems

A survey by consumer watchdog ‘Which?’ has revealed that more than half of UK customers across 12 providers, are having problems with their broadband service or price. Which Providers? The survey looked at the experiences of 1,900 customers of providers that collectively serve about 90% of UK broadband customers. These providers include BT, Sky, TalkTalk, […]

Robots Not Coming For Your Job Just Yet, Says Report

A report by OECD says that previous forecasts may have exaggerated the impact of automation on jobs because the forecasts relied on a broad grouping together of jobs with the same title. Previous Forecasts One of the most influential forecasts of the effects that automation could have on our jobs was the 2013 forecast by […]

Apple Hires Google’s AI Chief To Help Boost Siri

In a bid to develop Siri and catch up with competitors in the digital assistant battle, Apple has hired Google’s top AI man, John Giannandrea. Falling Behind The battle to dominate the digital assistant market has been going on for some time now, but industry commentators have noted that Apple’s Siri, which was first introduced […]

UK Universities Are Cryptojacking Targets

The latest attacker behaviour industry report by automated threat management firm Vectra shows that UK higher education institutions are now prime targets for illicit cryptocurrency mining, also known as ‘cryptojacking’. Cryptocurrency Mining ‘Cryptocurrency mining’ involves installing ‘mining script’ code such as Coin Hive into multiple web pages without the knowledge of the web page visitor […]