Tech Insight : Some Thoughts About Virtual Machines In The Cloud

In this insight, we look at what a virtual machine is, where to get one, what it can be used for, plus a few of the main pros and cons. What Is A Virtual Computer?  A virtual machine/virtual computer is a software-based simulation of a computer system, generally created and run on cloud-based infrastructure, and […]

Sustainability : Hydrogen Hybrids

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) say they have modified a conventional diesel engine to run on mostly on hydrogen which could lead to CO2 emissions being cut by up to 85 per cent. Engine Converted  The UNSW Sydney engineers have reported taking an automotive-size inline single-cylinder diesel engine, and modifying it […]

Tech Tip – Fast Highlighting

If you’d like a fast method of highlighting paragraphs of text (e.g. for copying and pasting) without having to click and drag your mouse to a specific point, here’s how to do it. To quickly highlight a paragraph/several paragraphs of text you’re viewing in a browser: – Click in front of the words you want […]

Tech News : Social Media Giants Sued For Mental Health Damage

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites may soon face lawsuits alleging that the way their algorithms work may be a factor in causing mental illness in some users. A Defective Product?  In the US, a reported consolidation of lawsuits across multiple districts that are rumoured to be filed next month in the Northern District of California […]

Tech Insight : Novel Ways To Use ChatGPT

With OpenAI’s ChatGPT making the headlines and quickly becoming a useful tool for many businesses, here we look at some of the more novel ways to use this innovative technology. 20 Ways Here are 20 ways to use ChatGPT that you may not have heard about: Writing in the style of a known person or […]

Tech News : OpenAI And Microsoft

OpenAI and Microsoft have announced that they are extending their partnership to work on more AI research and development. What Is Open AI?  OpenAI is a San Franciso based research organisation/capped-profit company that develops and promotes ‘friendly’ AI. Their research focuses on creating and promoting advanced AI technologies (including machine learning, robotics and natural language […]

Featured Article : Tech Recession?

In this article, we look at how significant job cuts and other factors are evidence of a tech recession, what the causes are, plus what tech businesses can do to survive and move forward. Tech Recession Evidence – Job Cuts  Much of the evidence of a tech recession has come in the form of tech […]

Sustainability-in-Tech : Clean Water From Thin Air – No Power Required!

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a zero-energy condenser that can harvest drinking water from the humidity in the atmosphere 24/7. Could Solve Shortage Challenges  In some parts of the world, fresh drinking water is scare. Two of the main options, therefore, are: – Communities near the ocean can desalinate sea water but this requires […]

Tech Tip – Disabling Your Laptop’s Touchpad

If you’d like to avoid accidentally moving the cursor around while typing on your Windows 11 laptop, here’s how to disable the touchpad: – On the taskbar, right-click the Windows start button and select ‘Settings.’ – Left-hand sidebar, select ‘Bluetooth & devices.’ – In the right-hand pane, click the ‘Touchpad’ heading. – Move the toggle […]

Tech News : Fewer Victims Pay Ransomware, Yet More Victims

Blockchain data platform Chainanalysis has reported that cybercriminals have seen a 40 per cent fall in their earnings as more people have refused to pay the ransom following ransomware attacks. More Strains With Shorter Lifespans However, the number of unique ransomware strains being used in attacks increased dramatically in 2022 (Fortinet). Also, Chainanalysis reports that […]