Kellogg’s Uses Virtual Reality To Sell More Cornflakes

Breakfast cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has been working with third-party VR companies to help it determine the best way to display its new products in stores. Who? Kellogg’s is reported to have been working on a pilot scheme with Accenture and Qualcomm.  Accenture is a Dublin-based global management consulting and professional services firm with a strong […]

Tech Tip – Encrypting Documents Stored on Google Drive

If you use Google Drive to store files in the cloud but worried that Google doesn’t provide a true password protection feature, you may want to encrypt your files before uploading them.  Here’s how: If you have Microsoft Office on your PC, it has a built-in encryption feature. – Go to: File > Protect Document […]

Could 5G’s High Frequency Be Dangerous?

5G may be the next generation of mobile internet that could provide new and innovative opportunities and boost to new industries, but there have been some concerns that its high-frequency mmWave spectrum could pose new health risks. Long-Held Concerns Ever since there have been mobile phones, there have always been concerns that prolonged exposure to low-energy, […]

UK Solar-Powered High Latitude Drone Presents New Mapping Opportunities

The Astigan high-altitude “pseudo-satellite” (HAPS) drone, built in Somerset using British Technology, and co-developed with Ordinance Survey, could succeed where other earth-mapping efforts by tech giants have failed, and provide a wealth of other opportunities. High Altitude Hover For 90 Days, With No Re-Fuelling The fixed-wing aircraft, which has solar panels across 38m wingspan and […]

Man Fined After Hiding From Facial Recognition Cameras

A man was given a public order fine after being stopped by police because he covered his face during a trial of facial recognition cameras in Romford, London. What Facial Recognition Trial? A deliberately “overt” trial of live facial recognition technology by the Metropolitan Police took place in the centre of Romford, London, on Thursday […]

Google Live Transcribe To Help Hard of Hearing

Google has announced the introduction of its ‘Live Transcribe’ app for Android which allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to see a live, near real-time written display of conversations on their phone. Live Transcribe The Google Live Transcribe app offers deaf and hard of hearing a new portable, accessibility tool that offers […]