Refurbished PCs

Refurbished PCs not only save you money but can often outperform new ones. Typically our refurbished systems have little to no signs of wear and can be bought at a fraction of the cost of buying new. They can also be upgraded with additional RAM or an SSD to give performance that exceeds a lot of new machines.

We offer a large selection of refurbished PCs of varying specification for home and business users. All budgets are covered and we can supply PCs in full or without peripherals such as keyboard and mouse to ensure you only pay for what you need.

Who should buy a refurbished PC:

The simple answer to this is nearly everyone. Unless the latest cutting edge technology is required for gaming or high end workstations, refurbished may be the way forward.

  • Schools - Let us know the specification of your existing PCs and budget to upgrade your school fleet to faster machines
  • Charities - If you are on a limited budget, refurbished would be the best route to upgrade
  • Businesses - The vast majority of our systems come with Windows 10 Professional which is ideal for business. We also stock a range of computers with older software for when serial or parallel ports are needed. This is particularly useful for industrial purposes.
  • Home - Great for internet browsing, emails, office work and all standard uses. In addition we also have fantastic mini PCs suitable for media servers.

Why a refurbished PC:

  • Source - Sourced from reputable suppliers within the UK and refurbished in-house by our engineers
  • Quality - Business class PCs from brands such as HP, Dell and Fujitsu ensure better quality and longevity than a lot of home retail PCs
  • Reliable - All systems come with a minimum of 6 months warranty as standard. And performance is often better than a lot of new machines
  • Upgradable - We often upgrade with a new SSD, additional RAM or dedicated graphics to ensure you stay ahead of the curve
  • Licensed - Unlike some of our competitors all our refurbished PCs come with fully licensed software where applicable
  • Safe - Every PC is freshly installed and configured by our own engineers with all previous data securely removed
  • Clean - Each system is fully cleaned both outside and internally
  • Certified - User2 is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and Which? Trusted Trader to give you that extra peace of mind
  • Value - With pricing at a fraction of a new PC with excellent performance and reliability assured, a refurbished PC represents excellent value



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If you have any questions then the next step is to fill in the contact form or speak to one of our experienced engineers. As a Which? Trusted Trader you can be assured of receiving the best possible service.

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