Remote IT Support

Remote IT support can be very cost effective for customers outside our call out area. Alternatively, there may be a time critical factor for a software repair. Often a remote support session can resolve software issues quicker than waiting for a site engineer to visit your premises. Our service is available to business and home users alike - all you need is an internet connection and a bit of keyboard assistance. Where the internet speed is insufficient for a remote connection, or where a hardware failure is apparent, we can still arrange to come onsite. See our on site repairs page for more details.

What can we fix remotely:

  • General malware / Virus infections
  • Email issues in a variety of clients including Outlook, Thunderbird and EM Client
  • Printing and scanning issues ore new printer/scanner configuration
  • Data transfer and migration
  • Configuration of programs such as Word, Adobe Reader and web browsers
  • Resolving issues with databases and other 3rd party software (Sage, Quickbooks, etc.)
  • General system maintenance including assesment for upgrade





*All remote services require a stable broadband connection of at least 8mb and the installation of additional software for work to be carried out. We use Splashtop™ in order to ensure a quick, effective and secure way to connect remotely to your devices. Please click here or the image above to download the required file. If you're having trouble downloading or running it, we can assist you over the phone.

While the work will be carried out by an engineer, please also be aware that during the course of a remote session we might need your assistance to reproduce the fault. An accurate reporduction of the fault will result in a quicker and more effective remote session.  Also, it might become necessary to restart the system, so please have all work saved and programs closed.


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