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iphone repairs in edinburgh

Sometimes it seems like our iPhones and iPads are our most sacred possessions. They are practically grafted onto our hands, and we store our schedules, banking information, address books and favourite games on them. But sometimes they stop working the way we know they can  – they slow down, shut off unexpectedly or lose battery life without warning – and it is incredibly frustrating to deal with.

A slow or broken iPhone or iPad can feel like a missing limb! Daily tasks that our smart phones, mobiles and tablets make a breeze are suddenly complicated, and it feels impossible to stay in touch and get work done. If your iPhone or iPad is misbehaving, it is time to take action.

Thankfully, there are countless iPad & iPhone repair shops that will fix a broken or damaged iPhone, but only a few are truly reliable specialists. User 2, with two locations in Edinburgh, is one such specialist, and we provide excellent customer service in a no pressure atmosphere.

You may want to know some of the most common iPhone and iPad faults before you bring your device into see us.

Common iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Repairs:

  1. Battery replacement – Multiple reasons can cause an iPhone battery to fail, including age and manufacturers defect. Apart from having a very short life off the mains, it can also cause your device to freeze. Once a new battery is installed your phone’s battery life and its longevity will be restored.
  2. Broken or faulty Homebutton – The beauty of the iPad and iPhone’s design is that it includes very few moving parts on its exterior – but the home button can get stuck and simply stop working. While a home screen icon fix is available, this option is unpleasant to use, and does not provide full functionality – a replacement can restore your phone back to its original ease of use.
  3. Broken Charging socket – The battery is dead, you plug it in to recharge and nothing happens. Even if you can’t see anything wrong, there’s a good chance that the DC or power socket is damaged. It’s a very common fault and one we can repair with a minimum of fuss to get you back to full power in no time.
  4. Cracked Screen or body – The dreaded cracked LCD or touch screen! Nothing is more annoying than trying to peer through a spider web of cracks to see the content on your screen. A new screen is fast, affordable and a relief for your eyes. If you’ve really had a disaster, we can change the casing, housing or chassis so it will be as good as new.
  5. Internet Connection issues – If your iPhone or iPad will not connect to wireless networks, or if your apps refuse to download correctly – you may have a problem with your firmware. We can fix this for you and get your phone back online in no time.
  6. Liquid Damage and Spillages – Often the most devastating form of damage. Water, coffee, wine or champagne spills need to be dealt with immediately by a professional to maximise your chances of saving stored data and retaining functionality. Turn the device off as soon as possible, don’t try to restart it and give us a call right away.

If any of these issues or others are plaguing your device, give User 2 Computers a call. We can repair all the latest iPhones, iPads, iPods, smart phones, mobile phones and tablets with ease and convenience.

We will provide you with initial advice over the phone, and then we are happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation at either of our two locations.

Your phone or tablet is incredibly important to your daily personal and work life – don’t suffer with a slow or broken device. Call User2 the iPad & iPhone repairs specialists today.

Email: shop@user2.net or Telephone (0131) 662 9955.

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