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laptop repair

Some of this is to be expected with time and though annoying, is just part of an aging device. However, once it reaches the point that you can sing ‘happy birthday’ in its entirety in the time it takes to load a simple website, you know something needs to be done!

Choosing a service to complete your laptop repair can be intimidating. There are countless options around the UK, and it is tough to know who you can trust for a reliable job at a reasonable price. Before you start looking for a solution, it pays to know a little bit about common notebook repairs.

   Common notebook / laptop repairs:

  • Failed or failing hard drives – This problem is incredibly common, yet it can mimic many other problems. Because of this, testing is needed to correctly diagnose the issue. You’ll know if you have a hard drive issue if your laptop runs incredibly slow, or if you hear grinding, ticking noises when you use your computer.
  • Viruses – The bane of every modern computer user, a virus can enter your notebook via a corrupted file, torrent or email attachment. While you can get rid of some of these on your own following online help, servicing is often needed to stop constant redirecting, fake pop ups and the inability to install new programs.
  • Screen Repairs – There’s no shame in it- we’ve all been there. You dropped your precious notebook and shattered the screen. Or maybe you slammed the lid shut without realising that a small object was on your keyboard? In any case, a broken screen is often an easy fix.
  • Broken DC or Power Socket – With a power cable plugged into your laptop and trailing on the ground, there’s nothing more easy than to trip over it and before you know it, the power socket is broken and losing connection. There are very few notebooks that can’t be repaired so before buying a replacement battery by mistake, bring it to the experts for assessment.
  • The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ – The evil that shall not be named. This is often caused by a faulty graphics or RAM chip, but the causes can be varied. This can signify a full system motherboard failure – but can often be repaired.

In a lot of these cases, the problem is often accompanied by data loss – which can be absolutely heartbreaking. Lost documents, photos or videos can usually be reversed by trained and skilled technicians, so there is no reason to panic!

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