Personal Computer (PC) Repairs in Edinburgh


Your personal computer is your business filing cabinet, home theatre, personal archive, record collection and work space all in one – many people name their PC as the one item they would grab in a fire! It is this daily importance that makes it especially frustrating when something happens to your PC, preventing you from using it to its fullest capabilities.

Maybe it has slowed down to the point that you dread changing webpages. Or perhaps it is making god awful grinding, whirring or clicking noises whenever you turn it on? It could even be belching smoke and sparking and ready for a 999 call or simply no life at all. Any of these problems can signify serious issues – and put your usually reliable PC at risk of permanent melt down.

If you can identify with any of these problems, you need to contact a reliable computer repair technician as soon as possible. Thankfully, we are here to help! User 2 Computers is affordable, friendly and dedicated to excellent customer service provided with ease – and no obligation.

Before you give us a call, it helps to become familiar with some of the common problems that people experience with their home computers.

Common PC Repairs:

  • Cleaning drives – If your computer has slowed down to the point that it is unbearable, it is often attributed to a lack of maintenance. Not only can we pinpoint and fix the problems, we can advise you on how to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Hardware problem – All of those rattling, humming, buzzing, vibrating, bump in the night sounds that you are hearing? They usually signify a problem with one or more of the myriad moving parts located inside of your PC. We can detect the problem and fix it so that your computer is silent once more!
  • Power Supply – Does it seem that a ghost is in your computer, turning it on and off at strange times, or not at all? This almost always means that there is an issue with the power supply – a relatively easy fix.
  • Viruses – Is your homepage mysteriously different? Are your search bars suddenly sponsored by a strange search engine you have never heard of? Maybe you can’t access certain websites. If any of these ring true, you may have a virus, malware or spyware We can get rid of them, save your data and advise you on the best virus protection for your PC.
  • Corruption – If your computer freezes, or if you suddenly encounter the dreaded blue screen of death – you may have a corrupt Windows driver, failing hard disk drive, graphics problem or faulty memory. We’ll take care of any problem for you and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Now that you know a little bit about common PC problems, you can probably guess which one (or which ones) are causing your computer to misbehave – and it is time to take action. Give User 2 a call and we will provide you with a brief consultation over the phone. We can then provide a free, no obligation assessment of your hardware to provide you with your best options.

Don’t settle for a slow, unreliable PC – call User 2 today the Edinburgh PC repairs specialist.

Email: or Telephone (0131) 662 9955.

Our Main Services

  • In Store Repair
    Drop off your computer for repairs and upgrades to any of our stores
  • On Site Repair
    Home or business, we can come to you! Collection and delivery service available
  • Remote Repair
    In some cases we can carry out a repair by remotely connecting to your computer
  • Business Services
    Hosted Exchange email, Anti Spam, Data Backup, and other services.
  • Rentals
    PCs, laptops, monitors and other hardware available for rental
  • iPad/iPhone repair
    Bring your faulty ipad or iphone and we'll fix it in no time.
  • Macbook repair
    Drop of your Macbook for a repair or upgrade in any of our stores.
  • Laptop repair
    Bring your Laptop for a repair or upgrade and our engineers will offer you the best solution.
  • PC repair
    Pc repairs or upgrades. Our engineers will provide the best solution along with free advice for your PC.