SATA Express

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Asus, known for manufacturing a range of PC components from motherboards to laptops and VGA cards has announced that it has been working with Intel to “deliver the full potential of SATA Express” to end users.


At CES last January Asus showed the Z87-Deluxe/SATA Express concept motherboard and is currently working on having this feature on all of it’s new motherboards.


These new motherboards will also require a new type of BIOS, SRIS. Separate Reference Clock with Independent Spectrum Clocking Architecture plays a vital role in the BIOS of these new motherboards. It’s function is to ensure the timings between the SATA Express device and the motherboard are kept the same.


In layman terms according to Asus, “it’s so fast that a full-length 10gb HD movie transfers in around 10 seconds”


Asus also highlights that it’s SRIS BIOS architecture is also helps to ensure that SATA Express devices have little to no compatibility problems due to the standards imposed.

With this upcoming technology Asus will gain roughly a 40-50% performance gain over top performing SATA III SSD’s which is a feature while will differentiate it’s products. However no timescale for market release is currently given although the Z97 motherboards due to be released soon do feature SATA Express ports.


User2 will offer these new products as soon as they become available.

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