Virus Infections

Virus Infection and the broader category of Malware, Trojans and Keyloggers are becoming ever more problematic on a wide range of devices. Unfortunately it is no longer just PCs that suffer from these issues but Apple devices, mobile phones and tablets are also prone to attack. Notably, recent Ransomware attacks highlight how dangerous and costly such infections can be for businesses and home alike.

Reassuringly, User2 has over twenty years experience in Virus and Malware cleaning from all kinds of devices. Consequently our staff have the experience to remove even the most stubborn infections. Please visit one of our Edinburgh stores for assistance.

Common Virus Infections:

  • Traditional Virus -  Trojan, keylogger, worm, and boot are just a few types of virus. They can all make their way on to your system and make your IT life a misery.
  • Malware - Malware is becoming very common, with social engineering often the cause of infection. Often these programs come from infected web sites that you have visited.
  • Ransomware - One of the new types of infection. Ransomware can hold your data hostage and make the system unusable until a ransom is paid. But would you hand over payment details? Regular (off machine) back ups are essential for your protection against this type of attack.
  • Spyware - Logging everything you do and sending it who knows where. Infections like this can steal your personal information without you being aware.
  • Junkware - Usually comes in the forms of programs offering a free system tune up or promising to 'optimize your registry'.
  • Toolbars - These can cause your web browser to run slowly, redirect you to infected web sites or send information to 3rd parties. Just don't be tempted to download them.



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At User2 we have a wide range of Virus and Malware cleaning tools at our disposal. Additionally, we are an ESET partner offering the latest security and 24/7 real-time monitoring to help keep you infection free. An extra layer of protection is also available through cloud based solutions and firewalls for ultimate business security. Call now or use the contact button if your system has become infected or to stay virus free.

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