Windows 10 free upgrade deadline

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When Windows 10 came along Microsoft claimed a target of having it running on 1 billion devices within a few years. With year on year sales of new PC’s and laptops going down like clockwork this depends largely on the free upgrade program. That programs deadline is currently set for July 29th, after this date you will have to pay if you want to upgrade.

If your system is relatively up to date (bought within the last 2 years) you most likely can upgrade without issue. Even some systems as old at 6 years work just fine with the upgrade also. There are however exceptions to every rule. If you do decide to upgrade then you would do well to be prepared by having a full backup of your entire system.

Here at User2 we have seen many systems which have either required data recovery or a full reinstall after failed windows 10 upgrades. For those that do work however it’s like a breath of new life for older systems. Using less power to do the same tasks Windows 10 takes little getting used to, certainly far less than the Windows 7 to 8/8.1 challenge.

If you do opt to stick with Windows 7 for example rest assured that it’s not going to leave you out in the cold any time soon. As of writing this windows 7 still accounts for nearly 50% of all operating systems out in the world and there are still several years of support available for it. Bottom line, if you have a Windows 7 device then by the time support runs out you most likely will need a new system anyway.


So what about Windows 10 after July 29th? Well Microsoft has reported that anyone who used the Windows 10 free upgrade before the expiration date has a “digital entitlement” to that hardware, the upgrade does not expire. What this means is that if you have a Windows 7 or 8/8.1 system and upgrade before July 29th to Windows 10 and then need to reinstall the system for whatever reason after the deadline you can with Windows 10. The thing to note here is that you old Windows 7/8/8.1 license will ONLY be valid for Windows 10 at this point.

User2 currently sell both Windows 7 and Windows 10 systems. After the 29th we will still be able to supply you with a windows 7 machine if that is what you need but as time moves on this will become increasingly difficult due to lack of supply. If you will require a system with Windows 7, Home or Professional, we advise that you make a move soon.

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