Windows 7 Vs 8 why choose?

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Last year Microsoft announced that it would be ending retail sales of Windows 7 as of October 2013.

The shipping of Windows 7 installed on PC’s was also to be discontinued a year later (this year) on October 30th 2014.

But User2 are still happily selling systems with Windows 7…….

win sales dates


Nearly 6 months after Microsoft announced the end of sales schedule it is still shipping retail boxes of Windows 7 and indeed systems with Windows 7 pre-installed are readily available.  So what is the new cut off date for Windows 7? “To be determined” according to Microsoft’s current schedule. Currently that means it could even be available beyond the cut off date for Windows 8 which is listed as October 2014.

This makes the choice for both the customer and retailers somewhat of a challenge.

At User2, we listen to what our customers are telling us and with the current trend of over 90% of customers opting for Windows 7 due to the familiar look and feel of the operating system, it’s hard to argue. With our custom built range of PC’s, we build up whatever you would prefer whether you decide on Windows 7 or 8.

For laptops, we also have a number of suitable models for those who are undecided. One of these is shown below.

The Asus P550C laptop.

Asus P550C

This mid range laptop offers all of the usual benefits such as 4GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive coupled with an Intel Core i3 CPU offering both performance and battery life but also has something special to offer those sitting on the fence.

This laptop comes with Windows 7 Professional installed as standard right out of the box meaning you can have an operating system you are familiar with today, while should you choose it in the future, Windows 8 Professional as a restore option. This means that should you choose to, you can backup your important data and have the automated system install Windows 8 for you.

Because of this feature you will not have to worry about which operating system is going to win what is reminiscent of the old VHS and Beta max wars. Either way you will be covered and without having to spend anything extra buying new software.


The Asus P550C (and numerous other models) are currently available at both of our branches and retails for £479.00 with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Call now to reserve yours.

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