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At the start of this year Shahin Ramezany, a hacker and independent security researcher found a vulnerability in Yahoo Mail that is exploitable in all major browsers. Ramezany tweeted about this issue which links to a YouTube video, where he demonstrated the hack. Ramezany also claimed that the exploit have put more than 400 Million yahoo users at risk.

Yahoo immediately responded to the matter, in their official release a Yahoo spokesman said “We’ve been looking into it and have now confirmed that US offices are investigating too. They will be in touch if there is a comment – otherwise I recommend that if users are concerned then they should change their passwords immediately.”
Later Yahoo said that they plugged the security hole. In their statement the spokesperson added, “At Yahoo! we take security very seriously and invest heavily in measures to protect our users and their data. We were recently informed of an online video that demonstrated a vulnerability. We confirm that the vulnerability has been fixed. In addition, we are investigating recent reports of increased abusive traffic and will work diligently to fix any vulnerabilities that are found. Concerned users are encouraged to change their passwords to a safe password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols.”

But this issue did not get completely resolved as immediately after the fix was released Shahin Ramezany said that the fix is not good enough, and the Yahoo Mail exploit is still active. In his twitter he said “not effective enough and users are still at risk,” since the proof-of-concept code can be easily tweaked to continue attacks.

Now, again it seems that this or a very similar attack is ongoing within Yahoo. Currently there are new emails being mass mailed to people with just the simple line “Happened at a place near us” followed by a link. This link takes you to a website which attempts to exploit java on your machine and gain access to your Yahoo email details.

Currently we have herd from several customers who’s accounts have been compromised. These accounts then attempt to email everyone in the address book and keep the cycle going.

We would recommend that anyone with a Yahoo account change their password and check emails very carefully before clicking any links.

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